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The Music is Great. What Now?

We're starting with professional music distribution to over 100 DSP's and social media networks.



  • Keep 100% of your royalties.

  • Music distributes direct to in-house Sync library.

  • Split sheets and collaborator contract management.

  • Rich collaborator credits for engineers, lyricists, studios, and more

  • Instant gratification natively, no forms to fill out.

  • Update the artwork, metadata, or even audio after release.

  • YouTube Content ID (15% fee).

  • Bi-weekly business development conference calls with Q&A.



We offer music production services that connect serious creators with amazing up-and-coming as well as platinum, gold, and Grammy-nominated producers and songwriters. Our mixing and mastering partners ensure a polished, professional sound, while our video production services cover social, music, and marketing content. Let us help you achieve your music career goals.



"All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development".




Our team led by your account manager will assist you with brand design and product development to help you create a unique identity  and products that resonate with your fans. We'll conduct market research to inform your outreach decisions.


We specialize in digital marketing, sync placement opportunities, and analytics to help you reach more fans and make informed decisions about your music career. Our infrastructure management services will ensure secure and rapid delivery of your digital assets.

Personal Growth

What you need most, is you. Our team will help you develop measurable goals, optimize your content development and releases, and improve your communication strategies to better reach your audience. We'll also help you develop leadership skills to take control of your music career and grow beyond creating music. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve personal growth and become the best version of yourself, in addition to a successful and fulfilled music creator. 

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